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Nili Fossae: Quiz


Question 1: In December 2008, NASA's ________ found that rocks at Nili Fossae contain carbonate minerals, a geologically significant discovery.
Dawn (spacecraft)Mars Science LaboratoryPhoenix (spacecraft)Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Question 2: Nili Fossae is a fracture in the surface of ________ that has been eroded and partly filled in by sediments and clay-rich ejecta from a nearby crater.
Deimos (moon)MarsWater on MarsPhobos (moon)

Question 3: Nili Fossae was on the list of potential landing sites of the ________, arriving in 2012, but was dropped before the final four sites were determined.
Mars Reconnaissance OrbiterViking programAstrobiology Field LaboratoryMars Science Laboratory

Question 4: A large exposure of ________ is located in Nili Fossae.


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