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Niklaus Wirth: Quiz


Question 1: From ________ to 1967 he served as assistant professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and again at the University of Zurich.

Question 2: Then in ________ he was awarded a EECS from the University of California, Berkeley, supervised by the computer designer pioneer Harry Huskey.

Question 3: He designed the simple programming language PL/0 to illustrate ________ design.
Assembly languageCompilerCompiler optimizationInterpreted language

Question 4: dpunkt.verlag / Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, ________.

Question 5: In 1984 he won the ________ for developing a sequence of innovative computer languages.
Niklaus WirthIvan SutherlandVint CerfTuring Award

Question 6: In 1959 he earned a degree in ________ from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH Zürich).
Broadcast engineeringElectrical engineeringElectronic engineeringComputing

Question 7: His article Program Development by Stepwise Refinement, about the teaching of programming, is considered to be a classic text in ________.
Computer programmingSoftware engineeringSoftware designSystems engineering

Question 8: Wirth was born in Winterthur, Switzerland, in ________.

Question 9: In ________ he earned an M.Sc. from Université Laval, Canada.

Question 10: Then in ________ he became Professor of Informatics at ETH Zürich, taking two one-year sabbaticals at Xerox PARC in California (1976-1977 and 1984-1985).


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