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Question 1: During the Superman/Batman story arc "Public Enemies", she was under the control for a brief time of ________, trying to capture Superman for a billion-dollar reward.
Flash (Barry Allen)Gorilla GroddSolomon Grundy (comics)Gardner Fox

Question 2: Created by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko, the character first appeared in ________ v2 #82 (September 1966) originally published by Charlton Comics.
SupermanCaptain AtomSuperboy-PrimePower Girl

Question 3: Nightshade is a fictional character, a comic book superheroine published by ________.
BatmanDC ComicsVertigo (DC Comics)Superman

Question 4: Dressed a gypsy attire, she is married to the ________ of her world, the Brigadier Atom.
Power GirlCaptain AtomSupermanSuperboy-Prime

Question 5: Nightshade was first introduced in ________ #82, as a partner for Captain Atom.
SupermanCaptain AtomPower GirlSuperboy-Prime

Question 6: Once integrated into the DC Universe in ________, Nightshade was revamped as a government super-spy who worked for Task Force X aka Suicide Squad.
Crisis on Infinite EarthsOne Year LaterFinal CrisisInfinite Crisis

Question 7: Countdown: Arena: A female version of ________.
Flash (Barry Allen)Elongated ManGardner FoxShade (comics)

Question 8: She also appeared in the last unpublished Captain Atom story that appeared in the ________ Charlton Bullseye .
Alternative comicsFanzineFan filmAmateur press association

Question 9: ________: The character of Silk Spectre II, Laurie Juspeczyk, is partially based on Nightshade.
WatchmenAlan MooreV for VendettaAlan Moore bibliography

Question 10: In this backup series (with art by ________), Tiger (Judomaster's now-grown-up sidekick) is her martial-arts instructor.
Dick GiordanoJim AparoBatmanNeal Adams

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