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Nightgaunt: Quiz


Question 1: In the webcomic Rhapsodies, Providence, Rhode Island's fictional ________ team is named the Night-Gaunts[1]
Baseball awardsAmerican LeagueMajor League BaseballNational League

Question 2: In the computer game ________, the Nightgaunt is a level 3 undead unit evolved from the Shadow, which in turn is evolved from the Ghost.
The Battle for WesnothMac OS XLinuxCross-platform

Question 3: Nightgaunts guard Ngranek, an infamous mountain on the isle of Oriab in the ________.
The Other GodsCthulhu Mythos arcane literatureDream CycleDreamlands

Question 4: The creatures appear in the poem "Night-Gaunts" and the novella ________, both by Lovecraft.
At the Mountains of MadnessDreamlandsThe Colour Out of SpaceThe Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Question 5: In The Graveyard Book, a 2008 novel by ________, night-gaunts appear in Chapter 3 ("The Hounds of God"), there is also a brief mention in Chapter 7.
Neil GaimanNeil Gaiman bibliographyAmerican GodsThe Sandman (Vertigo)

Question 6: In the video game ________, one of the boss characters is named the "Night Gaunt," though its form isn't consistent with Lovecraft's description.
Wild Arms (series)Wild Arms 2Wild ArmsWild Arms albums

Question 7: Two Nightgaunts appear in ________' 1992 videogame Alone in the Dark, guarding a staircase.
Atari, Inc. (Infogrames subsidiary)Take-Two InteractiveAtari, SAInfogrames Entertainment, SA

Question 8: Nightgaunts (also Night-Gaunt or night-gaunt) are a fictional race in the ________ and is also part of H. P. Lovecraft's Dream Cycle.
Cthulhu Mythos arcane literatureCthulhu MythosCthulhu Mythos celestial bodiesGreat Old One


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