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Night of the Long Knives: Quiz


Question 1: Not content solely with the leadership of the SA, Röhm lobbied Hitler to appoint him Minister of Defence, a position held by the conservative General ________.
Heinrich HimmlerHermann GöringKarl DönitzWerner von Blomberg

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  Hitler posing in Nuremberg with SA members in the late 1920s; Hermann Göring is pictured beneath Hitler, wearing medals.
  Although the German public did not complain much when SA activities were directed against Jews, Communists, and Socialists, by 1934 there was general concern about the level of civic violence for which the "brown shirts" were responsible.[1]
  Hitler posing in Nuremberg with SA members in the late 1920s; Hermann Göring is pictured beneath Hitler, wearing medals.
  Franz von Papen, the conservative vice-chancellor who ran afoul of Hitler after denouncing the regime's failure to rein in the SA in his Marburg speech.

Question 3: Most of those killed were members of the Sturmabteilung (SA), the paramilitary ________.
SturmabteilungNazi PartyHitler YouthNazism

Question 4: Limited by the ________ to one hundred thousand soldiers, army leaders watched anxiously as membership in the SA surpassed three million men by the beginning of 1934.
World War ITreaty of VersaillesLeague of NationsTreaty of Trianon

Question 5: At about 4:30 on the morning of June 30, 1934, Hitler and his entourage flew into ________.

Question 6: [56] Luise Solmitz, a ________ schoolteacher, echoed the sentiments of many Germans when she cited Hitler's "personal courage, decisiveness and effectiveness" in her private diary.

Question 7: Centuries of jurisprudence proscribing ________ were swept aside.
Extrajudicial killingDeath squadExtrajudicial killings and forced disappearances in the PhilippinesAfghanistan

Question 8: [17] Röhm, as one of the earliest members of the Nazi Party, had participated in the ________, an attempt by Hitler to seize power by force in 1923.
Der Sieg des GlaubensAdolf HitlerBeer Hall PutschMein Kampf

Question 9: It also provided a legal grounding for the Nazi regime, as the German courts and cabinet quickly swept aside centuries of legal prohibition against ________ to demonstrate their loyalty to the regime.
Extrajudicial killingDeath squadAfghanistanExtrajudicial killings and forced disappearances in the Philippines

Question 10: While Röhm's ________ did not endear him to conservatives, they were more concerned about his political ambitions.
HomosexualityBisexualityLesbianSexual orientation

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