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Nielsen: Quiz


Question 1:
  • ________, a rating system used to gauge television viewing habits in the United States
    2009 in American television2008 in televisionNielsen ratings1960 in television

Question 2: ________ (born 1926), Canadian-born American film actor
Scary Movie 3Police Squad!Airplane!Leslie Nielsen

Question 3: ________ (1952-2009), American physician
Amundsen-Scott South Pole StationBreast cancerJerri NielsenHouse (TV series)

Question 4: It is also used in ________, although the form Nilsen is more common[2].
PolandUnited StatesGermanyNorway

Question 5: ________ (born c.1977), Danish footballer
Cato HansenBjarte HaugsdalSK BrannDavid Nielsen

Question 6: The ________ (after Arthur Nielsen), a Dutch media conglomerate (formerly VNU); parent company of:
Blackstone GroupCarlyle GroupACNielsenNielsen Company

Question 7: ________ (1872-1943), American singer
New York CityEnrico CarusoBostonAlice Nielsen

Question 8: Nielsen Danish pronunciation: [ˈnelsn], is a Danish ________ surname, literally meaning son of Niels, Niels being the Danish version of the Greek male given name Νικόλαος, Nikolaos (cf. Nicholas).
Family nameGrammatical genderRomanian languagePatronymic

Question 9: The frequent occurrences of Nielsen as a surname outside ________[3] is due to emigration.

Question 10: Kai Peter Anthon Nielsen (1906–1988), better known as Kai Ewans was a Danish ________ musician
BluesDixielandJazzAmerican popular music


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