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Nicotine poisoning: Quiz


Question 1: [2][3] Nicotine therefore has a high toxicity in comparison to many other alkaloids such as ________, which in mice has an LD50 of 95.1 mg/kg.

Question 2: Sixty milligrams of nicotine has the potential to kill an adult,[1] which is the amount of nicotine in about five cigarettes or half a ________, if all of the nicotine were absorbed.
CubaFidel CastroUnited StatesCigar

Question 3: It is sometimes reported that people poisoned by ________ insecticides experience the same symptoms as nicotine poisoning, but this is not entirely true.

Question 4: The LD50 of nicotine is 50 mg/kg for ________ and 3 mg/kg for mice.

Question 5: Historically, most cases of nicotine poisoning have been the result of its use as an ________; however, such use is less frequent now than previously.

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