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Nicomedia: Quiz


Question 1: ________ came to Nicomedia in his final years and committed suicide in nearby Libyssa (Diliskelesi, Gebze).
HannibalHamilcar BarcaSecond Punic WarScipio Africanus

Question 2: Constantine mainly resided in Nicomedia as his interim capital city for the next six years, until in 330 he declared the nearby ________ (which was renamed Constantinople (present-day Istanbul)) the new capital.
GreeksRoman EmpireEuropeByzantium

Question 3: ________ (11th century) Greek writer, philosopher, politician, and historian
Michael VI StratiotikosConstantine IX MonomachosMichael PsellosRomanos IV Diogenes

Question 4: From the 840s on, Nicomedia was the capital of the ________ of the Optimatoi.
Theme (Byzantine district)Byzantine navyPraetorian prefectureByzantine army

Question 5: Earlier, the site of the Nicene Creed as well as the ________ and Second Council of Nicaea.)
First Council of NicaeaHistory of the Catholic ChurchHistory of ChristianityCouncil of Chalcedon

Question 6: [4] In the sixth century under Emperor ________ the city was extended with new public buildings.
BasiliscusJustinian IConstantine IManuel I Komnenos

Question 7: Situated on the roads leading to the capital, the city remained a major military center, playing an important role in the Byzantine campaigns against the ________.
IslamCaliphateShariaMuslim history

Question 8: Nicomedia remained as the eastern (and most senior) capital of the Roman Empire until co-emperor Licinius was defeated by ________ at the Battle of Chrysopolis (Üsküdar) in 324.
Constantine IMaxentiusDiocletianMaximian

Question 9: [1] After being destroyed by Lysimachus,[2] it was rebuilt by Nicomedes I of Bithynia in 264 BC under the name of Nicomedia, and has ever since been one of the most important cities in northwestern ________.
TurkeyAnatoliaTurkish peopleIstanbul

Question 10: [5] In the 1080s, the city served as the main military base for ________ in his campaigns against the Seljuk Turks, and the First and Second Crusades both encamped there.
John II KomnenosAlexios III AngelosAlexios I KomnenosManuel I Komnenos


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