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Nicktropolis: Quiz


Question 1: There are currently two sponsored "zones": one for the 2009 film Hotel for Dogs, and another for the ________ film Transformers.

Question 2: The Barnyard's area (based on ________) is made up of the Mill, Pig Pen, House of Humans, Back of the Barn, and the Feed Store.
Nickelodeon (TV channel)CatDogBack at the BarnyardFanboy and Chum Chum

Question 3: Amity Park's zone (from ________) consists of 3 rooms: Fenton Works, Casper High, and the General Store.
Nicktoons Unite!The Fairly OddParentsNicktoons: Battle for Volcano IslandDanny Phantom

Question 4: On June 24, 2007, the game was featured in ________, with a quote stating, "Pre-teenage viewers have a virtual playground to call their own." [8]
The New York TimesThe Boston GlobeThe New York Times CompanyInternational Herald Tribune

Question 5: Nintendo World consists of only 5 sub-sections: The Legendary Starfy zone, ________ zone, Wii Zone, the DS zone, and the Fossil Fighters Zone.
Super Mario 64New Super Mario Bros.New Super Mario Bros. WiiSuper Mario Galaxy

Question 6: Nicktropolis (also known as Nicktrop or Ntrop) is a ________ that is part of
Massively multiplayer online gameRole-playing video gameTactical role-playing gameMassively multiplayer online role-playing game

Question 7: A Transformers game and area, based on the popular ________ toys, is now open.
Parker BrothersHasbroWinning MovesMonopoly (game)

Question 8: This section is named "The Plaza" and has previously included advertisements for Betty Crocker products Fruit by the Foot and Fruit Gushers, Sega's iDog, the ________, and The Legendary Starfy, among others.
Wii RemoteNintendo DSiNintendo DSWii

Question 9: An alpha of the game was released in early ________.


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