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Nick Arcade (game show): Quiz


Question 1: Nick Arcade at the ________
Amazon.comInternet Movie DatabaseBox Office MojoCDNOW

Question 2: The player could go behind the waterfall, or touch a golden idol to cause a ________ to appear to help cross the waterfall safely.
FiberTextileTextile manufacturingRope

Question 3: Cape Cosmos: A space center that transported Mikey into ________, where his adventures began for the players.
Outer spaceUniverseSunVacuum

Question 4: Meteoroids: Space shooter where players moved crosshairs trying to zap the most flying targets, which included ________ and ships.
CometAsteroid beltCeres (dwarf planet)Asteroid

Question 5: Snow Slingers: An ________ scene where the player had to hit three elves with snowballs while dodging those of the elves.
ArcticDesertNorth American ArcticAntarctica

Question 6:
Nick Arcade (game show), Big Time Rush and Victorious are all:
Nickelodeon game shows 1990s Nickelodeon shows 1992 television series debuts Nickelodeon shows

Question 7: These custom Face-Off games were developed by Saddleback/Live Studios, as well as ________.
Sony Computer EntertainmentSCE London StudioNaughty DogSCE Studio Liverpool

Question 8: Crater Rangers: Same as Post-Haste, but players controlled ATVs, avoiding obstacles on the ________; also a side-scrolling game.
Mercury (planet)Io (moon)Ganymede (moon)Moon

Question 9: Camelittle: A medieval-themed area where knights, princesses and ________ roamed and fantasy became alive.
Serpent (symbolism)UnicornDragonPhoenix (mythology)

Question 10:
Nick Arcade (game show), Legends of the Hidden Temple and Nickelodeon GUTS are all:
1990s American television series Nickelodeon game shows Television programs about video games 1990s Nickelodeon shows


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