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Question 1: Nichiren Buddhism (日蓮系諸宗派: Nichiren-kei sho shūha) is a branch of Buddhism based on the teachings of the 13th century Japanese monk ________ (1222–1282).
KūkaiShingon BuddhismNichirenShinran

Question 2: It is also noted for positioning itself in opposition to other forms of Japanese Buddhism—in particular the Zen, ________, esoteric, Shingon, and Ritsu schools, which Nichiren saw as deviating from the orthodoxy of Mahayana Buddhism.
MandalaAmitābhaPure landAvalokiteśvara

Question 3: The ________ he expounded on 28 April 1253, Nam-Myōhō-Renge-Kyō, expresses his devotion to that body of teachings.
VajrayanaMantraBuddhism and HinduismBuddhism

Question 4: He eventually concluded that the highest teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha (563?–483?BC) were to be found in the ________.
ZenPure Land BuddhismLotus SutraMahayana sutras

Question 5: The other dominant branch is centered at Taiseki-ji, the head temple of today's ________ school.
Nichiren ShōshūSōka GakkaiBodhisattvaBuddhism

Question 6: Nichiren Shōshū: Sōhonzan ________ 日蓮正宗 総本山 大石寺
Nichiren BuddhismTaiseki-jiSōka GakkaiGohonzon


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