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Question 1: At the same time he changed his name to Nichiren, wherein the ________ character for nichi (日) means "sun" and that for ren (蓮) means "lotus".
Radical 102Radical 213KanjiRadical 51

Question 2: Nichiren taught devotion to the ________, Nam-Myōhō-Renge-Kyō, as the exclusive means to attain enlightenment and the chanting of "Nam Myo ho Renge Kyo" as the essential practice of the teaching.
Mahayana sutrasLotus SutraZenPure Land Buddhism

Question 3: Nichiren, along with other well-known East Asian Buddhist teachers like ________, also declared that women could attain enlightenment.
SōtōDōgenJōdo ShinshūHōnen

Question 4: Nichiren was born on February 16, 1222 in the village of Kominato, Nagase District, Awa Province (located within present day ________).
Saitama PrefectureChiba, ChibaChiba PrefectureTokyo

Question 5: Nichiren was an extremely controversial figure in his own time, and many of the schools stemming from his teachings continue to inspire controversy today (see ________).
VajrayanaNikkō (priest)Pure Land BuddhismNichiren Buddhism

Question 6: Nichiren began his Buddhist study at a nearby ________ temple, Seichoji (清澄寺, also called Kiyosumi-dera), at age 11.
TendaiShinranPure Land BuddhismVajrayana

Question 7: The Japanese imperial court also awarded Nichiren the honorific designations Nichiren Daibosatsu 日蓮大菩薩 "Great ________ Nichiren", and Risshō Daishi 立正大師 "Great Teacher Risshō; the former title was granted in 1358, and the latter in 1922.
BodhisattvaAvalokiteśvaraMaitreyaGuan Yin

Question 8: He gained a fairly large following there, consisting of both priests and laity, and many of his lay believers came from among the ________ class.
Edo periodMiyamoto MusashiJapanSamurai

Question 9: He is credited with founding what has come to be known as Nichiren Buddhism, a major school of ________ encompassing numerous sects espousing diverse doctrines.
Buddhism in ChinaBuddhism in Central AsiaBuddhism in JapanKorean Buddhism

Question 10: During this time, he became convinced of the pre-eminence of the ________ and in 1253, returned to Seichoji.
Lotus SutraZenPure Land BuddhismMahayana sutras


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