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Nibelungenlied: Quiz


Question 1: ________ parallels of the legend survive in the Völsunga saga, the Prose Edda, the Poetic Edda, the Legend of Norna-Gest, and the Þiðrekssaga.
Old NorseNorth Germanic languagesGermanic languagesOld Norse morphology

Question 2: In 2009, the three main manuscripts of the Nibelungenlied were inscribed in UNESCO’s ________ in recognition of their historical significance.
Memory of the World ProgrammeMemory of the World Register – Asia and the PacificMemory of the World Register – Latin America and the CaribbeanMemory of the World Register – Europe and North America

Question 3: [3] Further dishonoring Siegfried, Hagen steals the hoard from Kriemhild and throws it into the ________ (Rheingold), to prevent Kriemhild from using it to establish an army of her own.
Kinzig (Rhine)LahnRhineMoselle (river)

Question 4: The story tells of dragon-slayer Siegfried at the court of the ________, how he was murdered, and of his wife Kriemhild's revenge.
VandalsBurgundiansGermanic peoplesAlamanni

Question 5: Among the names suggested were Konrad von Fußesbrunnen, Bligger von Steinach and ________.
Frederick II, Holy Roman EmperorCrusadesWalther von der VogelweideHenry VI, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 6: A historical nucleus of the saga lies in events of the Germanic Migration Period, in particular the defeat of the ________ by Flavius Aëtius with the aid of Hunnic mercenaries near Worms in ca.
VandalsAlamanniGermanic peoplesBurgundians

Question 7: Other possible influences are the feud between the 6th century ________ queens Brunhilda and Fredegunde, as well as the marriage of Attila with the Burgundian princess Ildikó in AD 453.
PippinidsMerovingian dynastyCapetian dynastyJulio-Claudian dynasty

Question 8: The anime series of Saint Seiya uses some elements from Nibelungenlied in its ________ story-arc.

Question 9: The Nibelungenlied, translated as The Song of the Nibelungs, is an epic poem in ________.
Old EnglishMiddle High GermanOld High GermanGothic language

Question 10: As the Burgundians cross the ________, this fate is confirmed by Nixes, who predict that all but one monk will die.


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