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Question 1: Several distinct morphs can be distinguished by the pattern of their ________ coloration.
ExoskeletonArthropodSpongeSmall shelly fauna

Question 2: Up until their third moult the larvae aggregate together on the host plant, the purpose of this aggregation is probably pooling of chemical defenses against predators, for example ________.

Question 3: [4][5] The animal's ability to survive the winter also depends on the timely onset of ________.

Question 4: Adults are approximately a centimeter long, bright green and ________-shaped.
Scutum (shield)Personal armorRoman legionShield

Question 5: [1] Because of its preference for certain species of legumes, such as ________ and soybeans, it is an economicaly important pest on such crops.
MaizeBeanPulse (legume)Common bean

Question 6: [3] Its exact origin is unknown, but it is believed to have originated from the Ethiopia region of ________, from where it has spread around the world thanks to its strong flight and human trade routes.
East AfricaSouth AsiaKenyaSouthern Africa

Question 7: It is a highly polyphagous herbivore, able to feed on plants from over 30 families, both monocots and ________.
Thorne system (1992)Cronquist systemDahlgren systemDicotyledon

Question 8: The most important factor limiting the ________ in temperate zone is winter cold.
World populationPopulation growthPopulationOverpopulation

Question 9: The female lays 30 to 130 eggs at a time, in the form of an egg mass glued firmly to the bottom of a ________.
Flowering plantLeafSeedPlant

Question 10: [3] In recent decades, the species seems to be expanding its range towards the north, possibly because of ________.
Global warmingScientific opinion on climate changeGlobal warming controversyKyoto Protocol


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