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New Zealand Legislative Council: Quiz


Question 1: Unlike the lower house, the ________, the Legislative Council was appointed rather than elected.
New Zealand House of RepresentativesNew Zealand general election, 2008New Zealand electorates49th New Zealand Parliament

Question 2: Support for ________ is not completely absent, however, and there have been occasional proposals for a new upper house.
United States SenateAustralian SenateBicameralismAbolished upper house

Question 3: The ________ summons the House of Representatives to attend the State Opening of Parliament in the Legislative Council Chamber, where the Speech is read usually by the Governor-General.
House of LordsBlack RodSpeaker of the House of Commons (United Kingdom)House of Commons of the United Kingdom

Question 4: In addition, other political reforms in New Zealand such as the strengthening of the Select Committee system and the introduction of ________ are seen to provide adequate checks and balances.
Proportional representationCyprusD'Hondt methodUnited States

Question 5: Executive Council
Prime Minister (________)
Organisations within "the Crown"
Government of New Zealand
Jim BolgerRobert MuldoonJenny ShipleyJohn Key

Question 6: The model for the Legislative Council's role was the ________ in the United Kingdom.
Politics of the United KingdomHouse of LordsParliament of the United KingdomHouse of Commons of the United Kingdom

Question 7: In 1891, life membership was replaced by a seven-year term by the new Liberal Party government of ________.
John BallanceThomas MackenzieRichard SeddonJoseph Ward

Question 8: Today, the Legislative Council Chamber is still used for the ________, as following the British tradition, the Sovereign may not enter the elected House.
Speech from the throneCommonwealth realmUnited KingdomJapan

Question 9: Part of the Liberal Party's motivation was probably ideological, but part was undoubtedly political — Ballance's conservative predecessor, ________, had stacked the council with conservatives shortly before leaving office.
Julius VogelRichard SeddonHarry AtkinsonJohn Ballance

Question 10: Realm of New Zealand
Territorial authorities of New ZealandChristchurchRegions of New ZealandHamilton, New Zealand


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