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New Zealand Labour Party: Quiz


Question 1: The new government quickly set about implementing a number of significant reforms, including a reorganisation of the ________ system and the creation of the state housing scheme.
EconomicsEconomic ideologyWelfareEconomy

Question 2: Particularly noteworthy were his foreign policy stances, which included strong criticism of nuclear weapons testing and of ________'s apartheid system.
MauritiusCanadaSierra LeoneSouth Africa

Question 3:
Who of the following is/was the leader of New Zealand Labour Party?

Question 4: At the same time, Douglas was pressing onwards, proposing a ________ rate.
Value added taxTax havenTax rates around the worldFlat tax

Question 5: It describes itself as centre-left[1] and socially ________,[2] and Progressive, and has been one of the two primary parties of New Zealand politics since 1935.
Isaiah BerlinLiberalismDemocracyClassical liberalism

Question 6: The New Zealand Labour Party is a ________ political party.
New ZealandUnited KingdomNauruAustralia

Question 7:
What ideology does New Zealand Labour Party subscribe to?

Question 8: Some within the party, however, were displeased about the changing focus of the party, most notably ________.
New Zealand Labour PartyJohn A. LeePeter FraserWalter Nash

Question 9:
Where are the headquarters of New Zealand Labour Party?
Sartoriusstr. 14, 97072 Wu00FCrzburg
Fraser House, Willis Street, Wellington
Delmar, NY
P.O. Box 6173, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141

Question 10: Lee, whose views were a mixture of socialism and ________ theory, emerged as a vocal critic of the party's leadership, accusing it of behaving autocratically and of betraying the party's rank and file.
William AberhartCanadian social credit movementSocial CreditEzra Pound


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