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New Zealand Defence Force: Quiz


Question 1: A plan to acquire 28 ________ aircraft was cancelled by the Labour Government in 2000.
F-16 Fighting FalconF-22 RaptorF-104 StarfighterF-35 Lightning II

Question 2: New Zealand is a signatory of the ________ treaty, a defence pact between it, Australia and the United States dating from 1951.
Asia-Pacific Economic CooperationANZUSASEANSuperpower

Question 3: ________
Patrol boats of the Royal New Zealand NavyList of ships of the Royal New Zealand NavyFrigates of the Royal New Zealand NavyNaval bases of the Royal New Zealand Navy

Question 4: New Zealand forces served alongside the British, as well as other Empire and Commonwealth nations, in both ________ and II.
Western Front (World War I)World War IArmenian GenocideCaucasus Campaign

Question 5: The NH90 helicopter has recently been ordered to replace ________ Iroquois.
Bell 206UH-1 IroquoisH-13 SiouxOH-58 Kiowa

Question 6: New Zealand has an ongoing peacekeeping commitment to ________, where it participated in the INTERFET, UNTAET and UMAMET missions from 1999–2002, with an infantry battalion which was withdrawn in late 2002.
PhilippinesMaldivesPapua New GuineaEast Timor

Question 7: The RNZAF does not have an air combat force following the retirement without replacement of its ________ and Aermacchi MB-339 squadrons.
A-1 SkyraiderA-4 SkyhawkF4D SkyrayA-3 Skywarrior

Question 8: The operational forces of the three services are directed from Headquarters Joint Forces New Zealand on the opposite side of a road from Trentham Military Camp in ________.
Hamilton, New ZealandDunedinUpper HuttChristchurch

Question 9: It has taken a leading role in seeking to bring peace, reconciliation, and reconstruction to the ________ and the neighboring island of Bougainville.
Papua New GuineaAustraliaTongaSolomon Islands

Question 10: The New Zealand Special Air Service is the NZDF's ________ capability which operates in both conventional warfare and counter-terrorist roles.
Central Intelligence AgencySpecial forcesSpecial Activities DivisionCommando


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