New York State Senate: Quiz

Question 1: ________
David PatersonMalcolm Smith (U.S. politician)2009 New York State Senate leadership crisisPedro Espada Jr.

Question 2: The ________ provides for a varying number of members in the Senate; the current membership is 62, elected from single-member constituencies equal in population.
New York ConstitutionMontana ConstitutionNew Jersey State ConstitutionMinnesota Constitution

Question 3: The Senate is headed by its President, a post held ________ by the State Lieutenant Governor.
List of Latin phrases: EList of Latin phrases: CList of Latin phrases: AList of Latin phrases (full)

Question 4: ________
New York State SenateList of members of the New York State AssemblyNew York LegislatureMissouri House of Representatives

Question 5: ________
Malcolm Smith (U.S. politician)Majority Leader of the New York State SenatePedro Espada Jr.Dean Skelos

Question 6: Smith claims the vote was illegal because of Klein's motion to adjourn; ________ stipulates that a vote to adjourn takes precedence over all other business.
Parliamentary procedureCommitteeQuorumChairman

Question 7: Four Democratic senators—Rubén Díaz (Bronx), Carl Kruger (Brooklyn), and Senators-elect Pedro Espada (Bronx) and ________ (Queens)—immediately refused to caucus with their party.
Malcolm Smith (U.S. politician)Pedro Espada Jr.Hiram MonserrateNew York State Senate

Question 8: ________
List of New York State SenatorsPedro Espada Jr.Malcolm Smith (U.S. politician)Dean Skelos

Question 9: ________
New York's 99th assembly districtNew York state elections, 2010New York state elections, 2008New York's 23rd congressional district special election, 2009

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