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Question 1: While the term "New World" always encompasses the Americas, the islands of ________ may only be described as "New" in certain contexts (e.g.
AsiaContinentSouth AmericaOceania

Question 2: In 1524, the term was also used by Giovanni da Verrazzano in a record of his voyage that year along the coast of what would later become the United States and ________.
CanadaBelizeUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 3:
What role did New World play in the telemovie The Morecambe & Wise Show?
Adrian Fondle/Robin Caress
Themselves / Musical Guests
Lino's Father

Question 4: The New World is one of the names used for the non-Afro-Eurasian parts of the Earth, specifically the ________ and possibly Australia.
North AmericaAmericas (terminology)AmericasSouth America

Question 5: [citation needed] When the term originated in the late 15th century, the Americas were new to the Europeans[note], who previously thought of the world as consisting only of Europe, Asia, and ________ (collectively, the Old World).
Scramble for AfricaAfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan Africa

Question 6: Greenland was discovered in the late ________ by Scandinavians, and what is now Canada a few years later — see the Viking expansion.
11th century9th century10th century12th century

Question 7: In 1492, ________ returned from his first voyage to the Americas, stopping first in Portugal and then traveling to Spain.
North AmericaUnited StatesDominican RepublicChristopher Columbus

Question 8: In a biological context, these islands are neither New World nor Old, as flora and fauna differ markedly from those of Eurasia, ________ and the Americas.
Scramble for AfricaAfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan Africa


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