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Question 1: New Wave’s indie spirit would be crucial to the development of college rock and grunge/________ in the latter half of the 1980s and beyond.
Alternative rockPunk rockIndie rockRock music

Question 2:
New Wave music, Digital media and Conceptual art are all:
Fusion music genres Postmodern art 1980s in music Electronic music genres

Question 3: This diversity extended to the numerous ________ that came out of the genre.
DiscoNovelty songOne-hit wonderMTV

Question 4: Like those film makers, its new artists, such as the ________ and Talking Heads, were anti-corporate and experimental.
Joey RamoneJohnny RamoneRamonesRamones (Ramones album)

Question 5:
New Wave music, Dubstep and House music are all:
Fusion music genres Electronic music genres Postmodern art Punk genres

Question 6: Walking on the Moon: The Untold Story of the Police and the Rise of New Wave book by Chris Campion previewed by ________
GmailYouTubeGoogle BooksGoogle Books Library Project

Question 7: According to music journalist ________, the music had a twitchy, agitated feel to it.
NMEHip hop musicSimon ReynoldsPunk rock

Question 8: [11] In the U.S., the first New Wavers were the not-so-punk acts associated with the New York club ________, such as Talking Heads, Mink DeVille and Blondie.
BoweryCBGBPunk rockHardcore punk

Question 9:
New Wave music, House music and Synthpop are all:
1980s in music Postmodern art Electronic music genres Punk genres

Question 10: ________ radio stations were the first to play New Wave music.
Urban contemporaryAdult contemporary musicFreestyle musicContemporary R&B


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