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New Testament view on Jesus' life: Quiz


Question 1: The focus of his ministry was toward his closest adherents, the ________, though many of his followers were considered disciples.
JesusApostle (Christian)GospelNew Testament

Question 2: Although Jesus condemned the Pharisees for their hypocrisy, he also dined with Pharisees, taught in their ________, specified their teachings to his followers, and counted Pharisees such as Nicodemus among his disciples.
Ashkenazi JewsSephardi JewsSpanish and Portuguese JewsSynagogue

Question 3: Following his baptism, according to Matthew,[26] Jesus was led into the desert by God where he ________ for forty days and forty nights.
Liturgical yearEasterFastingOrthodox Church

Question 4: Hours after his resurrection, he appeared to two travellers on the road to ________.
JesusEmmaus NicopolisImwasEmmaus

Question 5: (The titulus crucis is often written as INRI, the Latin acronym.) Having carried his own cross (according to John), Jesus was crucified on ________.
New TestamentCalvaryTrue CrossBible

Question 6: According to Luke, an order of ________ forced Mary and Joseph to leave their homes in Nazareth and come to the home of Joseph's ancestors, the house of David, for a census.
TiberiusDomitianAugustusRoman Emperor

Question 7: The high priests then turned him over to the Roman Prefect ________, based on an accusation of sedition for claiming to be King of the Jews.
New Testament view on Jesus' lifePontius PilateGospelJesus

Question 8: This account tells of the "Wise Men" or "Magi" who brought gifts to the infant Jesus after following a star which they believed was a sign that the ________, or King of the Jews, had been born.
MessiahMessianic JudaismJewish eschatologySecond Coming

Question 9: This implies that Jesus preached for a period of three years, although some interpretations of the ________ suggest a span of only one year.
New TestamentSynoptic GospelsApocryphaNew Testament apocrypha

Question 10: The ________ tell that Jesus appeared to various people in various places over the next forty days.
New TestamentActs of the ApostlesAuthors of the BibleGospel


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