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Question 1: About two centuries later at the time of ________ and Lactantius, the phrase was being used to designate a particular collection of books that some believed embodied this new covenant.
Catholic ChurchPeter AbelardDidacheTertullian

Question 2: In the US, ________ is commonly rejected by fundamentalists who put stronger emphasis on a literal interpretation of Genesis.
Natural selectionEvolutionIntroduction to evolutionPopulation genetics

Question 3: The ________ has a fondness for paraphrase and is generally the longest.
Byzantine text-typeAlexandrian text-typeCodex SinaiticusWestern text-type

Question 4: ________ - Pauline authorship is rejected by modern scholarship[9][10][11], and even in antiquity its authorship was debated.
BibleBiblical canonEpistle to the HebrewsNew Testament

Question 5: For example, in Against ________ book 3,[18] chapter 14, he wrote:
Marcion of SinopeMarcionismEarly ChristianityChristianity in the 2nd century

Question 6: Christian scholars such as Professor Peter Stoner see the Bible having compelling and detailed fulfilled ________ and argue for the Bible's inspiration.
Old TestamentNew TestamentBiblical canonBible prophecy

Question 7: New Testament Byzantine Greek Original Side by side with the English (King James) and Russian (Synodal) translation - Commentary by the Greek Fathers - Icons from ________
Mount AthosHosios LoukasGreeceThessaloniki

Question 8: The dominant view among non-theologian scholars is the ________.
Two-source hypothesisSynoptic problemMarkan priorityFour Document Hypothesis

Question 9: It includes many writings unfavourable to the position of the orthodoxy, such as ________ writing.

Question 10: The Gospel of Matthew, traditionally ascribed to the Apostle Matthew, son of Alphaeus according to Papias, (see the ________) Clement of Alexandria, Irenaeus and Eusebius.
Gospel of the HebrewsEarly ChristianityTimeline of ChristianityNew Testament


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