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New Nessie: Quiz


Question 1: According to Bengt Sjögren (1980), the Swedish ________ Hans-Christian Bjerring was soon interviewed by Swedish news agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå, and said:
BiologyGeologic time scalePaleontologyEcology

Question 2: Fujiro Yasuda from ________ agreed with Shimaka that "the photographs show the remains of a prehistoric animal" (Sjögren, 1980).
Osaka UniversityKyoto UniversityPeking UniversityUniversity of Tokyo

Question 3: On April 25, 1977, the Japanese trawler Zuiyō Maru, sailing east of ________, New Zealand, caught a strange, unknown creature in the trawl.
DunedinAucklandChristchurchHamilton, New Zealand

Question 4: On July 28, 1977, the Zuiyō Maru carcass was commented upon in the international science magazine ________.
New ScientistAmerican ScientistNational Geographic (magazine)BBC Focus

Question 5: "If it's true that the Japanese collected samples of fins and skin, it would be possible to conclude from a ________ what it is.
EudiometerMicroscopeAgar plateCuvette

Question 6: A scientist from the Natural History Museum in ________ had the same opinion as Bjerring and Persson: that the remains were not from a plesiosaur.

Question 7: The scholars in Japan went into the same easy trap as the ________ naturalists did in the 19th century."
Scottish GaelicScotlandIrish peopleScottish people

Question 8: He recalled other discoveries of similar dead marine creatures resembling plesiosaurs that on closer inspection revealed them to be just decomposed, unusually large ________.
Great white sharkBullhead sharkAngel sharkShark

Question 9: [2][3] The creature is named after the ________.
Loch Ness MonsterYetiLake monsterDobhar-chú

Question 10: If it would be shown to be a hitherto unknown animal from the sea, it is as big of a sensation as the discovery of the ________ in 1938...


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