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New Kingdom: Quiz


Question 1:
Where does New Kingdom come from?
Egypt, Sudan

Question 2:
What type of government does New Kingdom have?
Strong Mayor-Council
Town Council
City Council Mayorship

Question 3:

Question 4: The heavy cost of these battles slowly exhausted Egypt's treasury and contributed to the gradual decline of the Egyptian Empire in ________.

Question 5:
Who of the following is/was the leader of New Kingdom?
Andrew Jackson
Jules J. Mermelstein
Ramesses XI
Rev. Dr. Hwa Yung

Question 6: Their presence in Canaan may have contributed to the formation of new states in this region such as ________ after the collapse of the Egyptian Empire.
Sea PeoplesDavidPhilistinesPalestine

Question 7: However, at this time Egypt was also increasingly beset by a series of droughts, below-normal flooding levels of the ________, famine, civil unrest and official corruption.
NileAlexandriaAncient EgyptWhite Nile

Question 8: Under his reign, in the 14th century BC, ________ flourished and attained an unprecedented level of realism.
Languages of EgyptHistory of EgyptDemographics of EgyptCulture of Egypt

Question 9: It was ________’s most prosperous time and marked the zenith of its power.

Question 10: The New Kingdom, sometimes referred to as the Egyptian Empire, is the period in ________ history between the 16th century BC and the 11th century BC, covering the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Dynasties of Egypt.
Berber languagesEgyptian languageAfroasiatic languagesArabic language

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