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Question 1:
How many metres above sea level is New Hampshire?

Question 2:
Which of the following came before New Hampshire?

Question 3: New Hampshire's lake region is home to many summer camps, especially around ________, and is a popular tourist destination.
Laconia, New HampshireLake WinnipesaukeeWhite Mountains (New Hampshire)Center Harbor, New Hampshire

Question 4:

Question 5:
How many metres above sea level is the lowest point in New Hampshire?

Question 6: The character of ________, President of the United States on the television series The West Wing, was depicted as a two-term New Hampshire governor.
Leo McGarryJosiah BartletJosh LymanC. J. Cregg

Question 7: (For details, see the article on ________.)
New Hampshire ConstitutionGovernment of New HampshireNew Hampshire General CourtConcord, New Hampshire

Question 8:
Who played centre in the New Hampshire?
New Hampshire
Murray County, Georgia
Dunn County, North Dakota
Washington County, Minnesota

Question 9: The largest of New Hampshire's lakes is ________, which covers 71 square miles (184 km2) in the east-central part of New Hampshire.
Center Harbor, New HampshireLaconia, New HampshireLake WinnipesaukeeWhite Mountains (New Hampshire)

Question 10:
What timezone is New Hampshire in?
UTC-5 hours
Eastern: UTC-5/-4
UTC- 4
UTC + 5

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