New Grove Dictionary of Opera: Quiz

Question 1: Charles Rosen, 'Review: The New Grove Dictionary of Opera', ________, Volume 40, Number 8, April 22, 1993 [3]
The AtlanticThe New York Review of BooksHarper's MagazineBoston Review

Question 2: The dictionary is available online, together with ________.
New Grove Dictionary of OperaIgor StravinskyGrove Dictionary of Music and MusiciansAnne Midgette

Question 3: The New Grove Dictionary of Opera is an ________ of opera, considered to be one of the best general reference sources on the subject.
EncyclopediaWikipediaNatural History (Pliny)Encyclopædia Britannica

Question 4: Bernard Holland, 'Grove Opera Dictionary Can Make Experts Of Dilettante and Pro', ________, January 2, 1993 [4]
The New York Times CompanyThe New York TimesThe Boston GlobeInternational Herald Tribune

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