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Question 1: The Canadian ________ premiere of Series 2 on CBC, consisting of this episode, took place on October 9, 2006.
CanadaEnglish languageSouth AfricaAmerican English

Question 2: This episode was released together with "The Christmas Invasion" as a basic ________ with no special features on 1 May 2006, and as part of a second series boxset on 20 November 2006.
LaserdiscBlu-ray DiscDVDHD DVD

Question 3: The ailment that the Duke of Manhattan is dying from, Petrifold Regression — a disease that turns its victims to stone — is also mentioned in the ________ novel The Stone Rose by Jacqueline Rayner.
New Series Adventures (Doctor Who)The Monsters InsideBeautiful ChaosOnly Human (Doctor Who)

Question 4: "New Earth" reviews at ________
Blink (Doctor Who)Doctor WhoOutpost GallifreyDavid Tennant

Question 5: "New Earth" is an episode of the British science fiction television series ________ which was first broadcast on April 15, 2006.
Doctor WhoThe Sarah Jane AdventuresTorchwoodCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 6: New New York is also the name of the city in the animated series ________.
Futurama: The Beast with a Billion BacksFuturamaFuturama: Bender's Big ScoreThe Simpsons

Question 7: In a feature in the ________ (issue dated 8 April-14 April), Russell T Davies said of "New Earth", "I promised Billie [Piper] an episode in which she'd be funny.
BBC WorldwideBBC MagazinesTVTimesRadio Times

Question 8: This release included an ________ by Julie Gardner (Head of Drama for BBC Wales), director James Hawes and visual effects producer Will Cohen, recorded before the story aired.
Lost (TV series)Film directorAudio commentaryCasablanca (film)

Question 9: The hospital scenes were filmed inside the Wales Millennium Centre, which appeared in the previous series episode "Boom Town" and is a common fixture in the spin-off series ________.
TorchwoodTorchwood DeclassifiedThe Sarah Jane AdventuresK-9 and Company

Question 10: This is one of the two Futurama 'similarities' in Doctor Who, the other being the space replica of the ________, which appeared in Voyage of the Damned.
RMS TitanicWhite Star LineRMS OlympicHMHS Britannic


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