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Neutron star: Quiz


Question 1: According to modern theories of binary evolution it is expected that neutron stars also exist in binary systems with ________ companions.
Black holeKerr–Newman metricKerr metricSchwarzschild metric

Question 2: The temperature inside a newly formed neutron star is from around 1011 to 1012 ________.
KelvinCelsiusThermodynamic temperatureRankine scale

Question 3:
  • ________–currently a hypothetical type of neutron star composed of quark matter, or strange matter.
    Compact starSupernovaPreon starQuark star

Question 4: If the surface temperature exceeds 106 kelvins (as in the case of a young ________), the surface should be fluid instead of the solid phase observed in cooler neutron stars (temperature <106 kelvins)[10].
PulsarSupernovaBinary pulsarMagnetar

Question 5: At present there are about 2000 known neutron stars in the ________ and the Magellanic Clouds, the majority of which have been detected as radio pulsars.
GalaxyMilky WayLocal GroupGalactic Center

Question 6: It is possible that the nuclei at the surface are iron, due to iron's high ________ per nucleon.
HydrogenBinding energyNuclear fusionAtom

Question 7: The neutron star's compactness also gives it very high surface gravity, up to 7 × 1012 m/s² with typical values of a few  × 1012 m/s² (that is more than 1011 times of that of ________).

Question 8: [16] In seeking an explanation for the origin of a ________, they proposed that the neutron star is formed in a supernova.
Compact starPulsarWolf-Rayet starSupernova

Question 9: Supernovae are suddenly appearing dying stars in the sky, whose luminosity in the optical night outshine an entire ________ for days to weeks.
Milky WaySpiral galaxyGalaxyAndromeda Galaxy

Question 10: [5] However, the huge number of ________ it emits carries away so much energy that the temperature falls within a few years to around 1 million kelvins.


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