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Neutron cross-section: Quiz


Question 1: A star like the ________ produces energy by the fusion of simple H-1 into He-4 through a series of reactions.
SunJupiterEarthSolar System

Question 2: A very prominent example is hydrogen and its isotope ________.

Question 3: As an example Th-232 has a half life on the order of 14 billion years and is the most common of the actinide series on ________.

Question 4: Adding neutrons and allowing for ________ and fission events you can build from Th-232 up to any arbitrary member of the Actinides like Pu-242.
Nuclear fissionNuclear fusionBeta decayAlpha decay

Question 5: With elements lower on the periodic table than the actinides the predominant form of emission is gamma or ________.
Nuclear fusionBeta decayAlpha decayNuclear fission

Question 6: The total neutron cross-section of an isotope of a ________ is the effective cross-sectional area that an atom of that isotope presents to neutron scattering and absorption.
Chemical elementHeliumCarbonHydrogen

Question 7: Since neutrons interact with the nuclear potential, the scattering cross-section varies with the ________ of the element in question.
Chemical elementAtomic numberHafniumPeriodic table

Question 8: The scattering cross-section can be further subdivided into ________ and incoherent scattering, which is caused by the spin dependence of the scattering cross-section and for a natural sample, presence of different isotopes of the same element in the sample.
ScatteringPhotonX-ray crystallographyLight

Question 9: A few rare isotopes undergo ________, most notably Li-7+n=Li-8*; Li-8*(-1 Beta, (-2 Alpha))= 2(He-4) AND B-11+n= B-12*; B-12*(-1 Beta,(-3 Alpha))=3(He-4)OR B-12*(-Beta)=C-12.
Alpha decayGamma rayNuclear fusionNuclear fission

Question 10: Metals tend to be rather transparent to neutrons, ________ and zirconium being the two best examples of this.


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