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Neutron capture: Quiz


Question 1: Neutron capture plays an important role in the cosmic ________ of heavy elements.
Nuclear fusionBeta decayNucleosynthesisAlpha decay

Question 2: In particular, the increase in U-238's ability to absorb neutrons at higher temperatures (and to do so without fissioning) is a negative ________ mechanism that helps keep nuclear reactors under control.
CyberneticsControl theoryFeedbackPositive feedback

Question 3: At small neutron flux, as in a ________, a single neutron is captured by a nucleus.
UraniumNuclear powerPlutoniumNuclear reactor technology

Question 4: In stars it can proceed in two ways - as a rapid process (an r-process) or a slow process (an ________).
Stellar nucleosynthesisSupernovaS-processAlpha process

Question 5: The absorption neutron cross-section of an isotope of a ________ is the effective cross sectional area that an atom of that isotope presents to absorption, and is a measure of the probability of neutron capture.
CarbonHydrogenHeliumChemical element

Question 6: Neutron capture is a kind of nuclear reaction in which an ________ collides with one or more neutrons and they merge to form a heavier nucleus.
UraniumPlutoniumNuclear fusionAtomic nucleus

Question 7: Since neutrons have no electric charge they can enter a nucleus more easily than charged particles which are repelled by ________ repulsion.
Lorentz forceElectrostaticsElectromagnetismMaxwell's equations

Question 8: For example when natural ________ (197Au) is irradiated by neutrons the isotope 198Au is formed in a highly excited state which then quickly decays to the ground state of 198Au by the emission of γ rays.

Question 9: Nuclei of masses greater than 56 can be formed by neutron capture that could not be formed by ________, i.e.
Nuclear fusionNuclear fissionFusion powerAneutronic fusion


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