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Neutron activation: Quiz


Question 1: In places with high neutron fluxes, such as ________ cores, neutron activation contributes to material erosion, and the materials themselves must be disposed of as low-level radioactive waste.
PlutoniumUraniumNuclear powerNuclear reactor technology

Question 2: ________ is one of the most sensitive and accurate methods of trace element analysis.
CaliforniumGermaniumUraniumNeutron activation analysis

Question 3: Neutron activation is the process in which neutron radiation induces radioactivity in materials, and occurs when atomic nuclei capture ________, becoming heavier and entering excited states.

Question 4: One way to demonstrate that nuclear fusion is occurring inside a ________ is to use a Geiger counter to measure the radioactivity induced in a sheet of aluminum foil.
FusorFusion powerAneutronic fusionMigma

Question 5: The excited nucleus often decays immediately by emitting particles such as neutrons, protons, or ________.
AtomAlpha particleAlpha decayElectron

Question 6: The lasting radiation from a nuclear weapon is in part due to the neutron activation of the bomb itself and the surrounding material, in addition to ________.
Long-lived fission productIntegral Fast ReactorRadioactive wasteNuclear fission product


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