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Question 1: At first this radiation was thought to be ________, although it was more penetrating than any gamma rays known, and the details of experimental results were very difficult to interpret on this basis.
X-rayNuclear fissionGamma rayNuclear fusion

Question 2: Hydrogen-rich ordinary water affects neutron absorption in ________ reactors: usually neutrons are so strongly absorbed by normal water that fuel-enrichment with fissionable isotope is required.
UraniumNuclear fissionNuclear fusionPlutonium

Question 3: The number of neutrons is the neutron number and determines the ________ of an element.
TechnetiumStable nuclideIsotopeAtom

Question 4: NAA is most often used to analyze small samples of materials in a ________ whilst PGNAA is most often used to analyze subterranean rocks around bore holes and industrial bulk materials on conveyor belts.
PlutoniumNuclear powerUraniumNuclear reactor technology

Question 5:
When was Neutron discovered?
James Chadwick

Question 6: ________, beta particles, or gamma rays, material of a high atomic number and with high density make for good shielding; frequently lead is used.
Alpha particleElectronAlpha decayIonizing radiation

Question 7: Most fission reactors use a ________ to slow down, or thermalize the neutrons that are emitted by nuclear fission so that they are more easily captured, causing further fission.
Neutron moderatorUraniumPlutoniumNuclear reactor technology

Question 8: A thermal neutron is a ________ that is Boltzmann distributed with kT = 0.024 eV (4.0×10−21 J) at room temperature.

Question 9: By this means the neutron decays into a proton (which contains one down and two up quarks), an ________, and an electron antineutrino.

Question 10: CPT-symmetry puts strong constraints on the relative properties of particles and ________, so studying antineutrons yields provide stringent tests on CPT-symmetry.
AntiparticleQuantum field theoryAntiprotonElectron

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