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Question 1: The ________ of particle physics assumed that neutrinos are massless, although adding massive neutrinos to the basic framework is not difficult.
Higgs bosonPhotonStandard ModelQuark

Question 2: This means that they move at speeds close to the ________.
SunSpeed of lightPhotonOptics

Question 3: Raymond Davis Jr. and Masatoshi Koshiba were jointly awarded the 2002 ________; Davis for his pioneer work on cosmic neutrinos and Koshiba for the first real time observation of supernova neutrinos.
Nicolaas BloembergenNobel Prize in PhysicsJohn Hasbrouck Van VleckTsung-Dao Lee

Question 4: Neutrinos could also be used for studying ________ effects.
Loop quantum gravityGeneral relativityKaluza–Klein theoryQuantum gravity

Question 5: The problem is that being fast moving, the neutrinos would tend to have spread out evenly in the ________ before cosmological expansion made them cold enough to congregate in clumps.
RedshiftUniverseBig BangTime

Question 6: Indeed, the experimentally established phenomenon of ________ requires neutrinos to have nonzero masses.
Standard ModelElectronNeutrino oscillationKamioka Observatory

Question 7: In the 1980s it was proposed that these may be the explanation for the ________ thought to exist in the universe.
Physical cosmologyRedshiftDark matterBig Bang

Question 8:
When was Neutrino discovered?
: Clyde Cowan, Frederick Reines

Question 9: Neutrinos are produced as a result of natural ________.
Ionizing radiationCosmic rayBackground radiationX-ray

Question 10: Electron neutrinos (or antineutrinos) are generated whenever protons change into neutrons (or neutrons into protons), the two forms of ________.
Beta decayNuclear fissionAlpha decayNuclear fusion


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