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Question 1: L-phenylalanine and ________ are both precursors for dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.

Question 2: Nigrostriatal pathway: Pars compacta________
Lateral globus pallidusStriatumBasal gangliaMedial globus pallidus

Question 3: It is speculated to have a role in depression, as some depressed patients are seen to have lower concentrations of metabolites of serotonin in their ________ and brain tissue.
Cerebrospinal fluidMeningesArachnoid granulationChoroid plexus

Question 4: ________ undecapeptide responsible for transmission of pain from certain sensory neurons to the central nervous system.
Substance P5-HT2C receptorBrain-derived neurotrophic factorSocial anxiety disorder

Question 5: It is available in sufficient quantity in the presynaptic neuron to affect the ________ neuron;
Synaptic vesicleChemical synapseNeuromuscular junctionPhotoreceptor cell

Question 6: Mesolimbic pathway: ________Nucleus accumbens
Substantia nigraWhite matterVentral tegmental areaRaphe nuclei

Question 7: Each neurotransmitter has very specific degradation pathways at regulatory points, which may be the target of the body's own regulatory system or ________.
KetamineDextromethorphanRecreational drug usePsychoactive drug

Question 8: Mesocortical pathway: Ventral tegmental area________
Human brainFrontal lobeCerebrumInsular cortex

Question 9: [6] This conversion requires ________.
Folic acidVitamin CVitamin B12Vitamin C megadosage

Question 10: Correspondingly ________ is the inhibitory transmitter in the spinal cord.
AlanineSerineGlutamic acidGlycine

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