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Neurotoxin: Quiz


Question 1: A neurotoxin is a toxin that acts specifically on nerve cells[1] (neurons), usually by interacting with membrane proteins such as ________.
Potassium channelLigand-gated ion channelIon channelSodium channel

Question 2: Many of the venoms and other toxins that organisms use in defense against ________ are neurotoxins.

Question 3: A potent neurotoxin such as ________ affects the nervous system by causing depolarization of nerve and muscle fibers due to increased sodium ion permeability of the excitable cell membrane.
Botulinum toxinIbotenic acidBatrachotoxinEpibatidine

Question 4: The venom of ________, scorpions, pufferfish, spiders and snakes can contain many different toxins.
CattleBeeEsoxHoney bee

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