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Neuropathology: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is considered one of the founders of modern neuroanatomy.
Ivan PavlovCamillo GolgiRobert BáránySantiago Ramón y Cajal

Question 2: Neuropathology is the study of ________ of nervous system tissue, usually in the form of either small surgical biopsies or whole autopsy brains.
Mental disorderInfectionIllnessDisease

Question 3: The work of the neuropathologist consists largely of examining ________ tissue from the brain and spinal cord to aid in diagnosis of disease.

Question 4: It should not be confused with neuropathy, which refers to disorders of the nerves (usually in the ________).
Peripheral nervous systemBrachial plexusSpinal cordAutonomic nervous system

Question 5: In many English speaking countries neuropathology is considered a subfield of ________.
Anatomical pathologyHistopathologyAutopsySurgical pathology

Question 6: Neuropathologists are medically qualified practitioners who are registered with the ________ in the UK.
Irish Medical CouncilGeneral Medical CouncilUnited KingdomCouncil for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence


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