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Question 1: Movement Disorders such as ________
Alzheimer's diseaseHypersomniaHuntington's diseaseParkinson's disease

Question 2: These basic fields inform the applied medical and clinical disciplines of neurology, psychiatry and clinical psychology, whose theories and treatments now routinely encompass a ________.
MedicineHealth psychologyMajor depressive disorderBiopsychosocial model

Question 3: They may be revealed by neurological examination and studied and treated within the specialities of ________ and clinical neuropsychology.

Question 4: ________ disorders (see spinal pathology, injury, inflammation)
Spinal cordNervous systemGrey matterHuman brain

Question 5: However the distinction can be a matter of some debate, either in regard to specific facts about the cause of a condition or in regard to the general understanding of brain and ________.
MonismAristotleMindGottfried Leibniz

Question 6: Although the brain and spinal cord are surrounded by tough membranes, enclosed in the bones of the skull and spinal vertebrae, and chemically isolated by the so-called ________, they are very susceptible if compromised.
AIDSMeningitisBlood-brain barrierImmune system

Question 7: ________ of the Brain or Spinal Cord (including Meningitis)

Question 8: These disciplines in turn comprise subspecialities such as behavioral neurology, ________ and clinical neuropsychology that deal with cases where a connection between mental/behavioral problems and brain dysfunction is particularly called for.
NeuroimagingPsychiatric geneticsNeuropsychiatryPsychopharmacology

Question 9: In psychiatry some cases may then be classified as mental disorder, for example ________ if the symptoms appear to be causally linked to emotional states or responses to social stress.
Asperger syndromeMajor depressive disorderConversion disorderAttention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Question 10: Neurological disorders in non-human ________ are treated by veterinarians.


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