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Neuroacanthocytosis: Quiz


Question 1: Other symptoms include facial tics, uncontrolled muscle movement, instability when walking, ________, biting of the tongue and lips and changes in personality, comprehension and judgment.
ConvulsionSeizureICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findingsMedical sign

Question 2: Drugs used to decrease anxiety, such as diazepam and ________, can also decrease movement disorders, which are often made worse by associated stress.
GABA reuptake inhibitorBenzodiazepinePropofolBarbexaclone

Question 3: ________
Tic disorderMajor depressive disorderAsperger syndromeTourette syndrome

Question 4: The disorder is due to degeneration of the ________ (a part of the brain that helps control movement) and loss of neurons in the brain and spinal cord.
Cingulate cortexObsessive–compulsive disorderBasal gangliaStriatum

Question 5: Neuroacanthocytosis is typically an inherited ________ disorder and is more common in males than in females.
AlleleGeneticsGeneDominance (genetics)

Question 6: ________ drugs that block dopamine, such as haloperidol, can provide temporary relief from tics and chorea.

Question 7: Other drug therapy may include ________ and antidepressants.
SedativeMood stabilizerAnticonvulsantDissociative

Question 8: Injections of ________ can relax muscles and reduce unintentional movement.
ToxiferineOnchidalEpibatidineBotulinum toxin

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