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Neurasthenia: Quiz


Question 1: An 1868 review posited that Beard's and Rockwell's knowledge of the ________ was suspect and did not believe their claims to be warranted.
Relationship between religion and scienceScienceScientific methodPseudoscience

Question 2: [3] Eventually he separated it from ________ though he believed that a combination of the two conditions coexisted in many cases.
Anxiety disorderMajor depressive disorderGeneralized anxiety disorderSocial anxiety disorder

Question 3: Typically, it was associated with ________ people or professionals with sedentary employment.
Middle classWorking classSocial classUpper class

Question 4: In 1895, ________ reviewed electrotherapy and declared it a "pretense treatment".
William JamesSigmund FreudExistentialismImmanuel Kant

Question 5: The condition is thought to persist in ________ as a culturally acceptable diagnosis that avoids the social stigma of a diagnosis of mental disorder.

Question 6: ________ included a variety of physical symptoms in this category, including fatigue, dyspepsia with flatulence, and indications of intra-cranial pressure and spinal irritation.
Immanuel KantWilliam JamesExistentialismSigmund Freud

Question 7: One contemporary opinion of neurasthenia is that it was actually dysautonomia, an "imbalance" of the ________.
Parasympathetic nervous systemNerveAutonomic nervous systemSympathetic nervous system

Question 8: [3] In common with some other people of the time, he believed this condition to be due to "excessive ________" or to arise "spontaneously from frequent emissions".
OrgasmSexual intercourseMasturbationHuman sexual behavior

Question 9: ________ was said to suffer from neurasthenia.
Samuel BeckettMarcel ProustFrench literatureGustave Flaubert

Question 10: However, it is no longer included as a diagnosis in the American Psychiatric Association's ________.
SchizophreniaDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental DisordersClassification of mental disordersBipolar disorder

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