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Neural cell adhesion molecule: Quiz


Question 1: The extracellular domain of NCAM consists of five ________-like (Ig) domains followed by two fibronectin type III (FNIII) domains.
AntibodyAutoantibodyAdaptive immune systemImmune system

Question 2: Normal cells that stain positively for CD56 include ________, activated T cells, the brain and cerebellum, and neuroendocrine tissues.
B cellNatural killer cellCytotoxic T cellImmune system

Question 3: Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule (NCAM, also the cluster of differentiation CD56) is a homophilic binding glycoprotein expressed on the surface of neurons, ________, skeletal muscle and natural killer cells.
MicrogliaGlial cellSchwann cellAstrocyte

Question 4: In ________, pathologists make use of CD56 immunohistochemistry to recognize certain tumors.
AutopsyHistopathologySurgical pathologyAnatomical pathology

Question 5: Removal of PSA from NCAM by the enzyme endoneuraminidase (EndoN) has been shown to abolish long-term potentiation (LTP) and ________ (LTD)[5][6][7].
Long-term depressionNervous systemSynaptic plasticityMemory


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