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Netiquette: Quiz


Question 1: On the day that the email was posted to ________, Cerner's stock price fell by over 22%[10] from a high of $1.5 billion USD.
Intel CorporationMicrosoftGoogleYahoo!

Question 2: For example, ________'s Sidekick PDA was cracked in 2005, resulting in the publication of her private photos, SMS history, address book, etc.
Paris Hilton's My New BFFThe Hottie and the NottieParis HiltonThe Simple Life

Question 3: Netiquette began before the 1991 start of the ________.
InternetHTMLNetscapeWorld Wide Web

Question 4: Netiquette (a portmanteau formed from "network etiquette") is a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks, ranging from ________ and mailing lists to blogs and forums.
E-mailUsenetInstant messagingSocial network service

Question 5: These rules were described in ________ RFC 1855.
Internet Engineering Task ForceInternet Engineering Steering GroupRequest for CommentsInternet Architecture Board

Question 6: Text-based email, Telnet, Usenet, Gopher, Wais, and ________ from educational and research bodies dominated Internet traffic.
Internet Relay ChatFile Transfer ProtocolHypertext Transfer ProtocolSecure Shell

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