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Question 1: The Congress of Vienna gave Luxembourg to William as personal property in exchange for his German possessions, Nassau-Dillenburg, Siegen, ________, and Diez.
WeilburgLimburg an der LahnBeselichHadamar

Question 2:
What is the native name for Netherlands

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Netherlands have?
Ruler of the Spanish Netherlands
British Ambassador to the Netherlands
Provinces of Netherlands
Nuncio to The Netherlands

Question 4:
What is the capital of Netherlands?
Balanjar later Atil
not applicable

Question 5: [35] On the ________ Netherlands is the 13th most free market capitalist economy out of 157 surveyed countries.
Index of Economic FreedomDemocracy IndexIndex of Economic Freedom historical rankingsCorruption Perceptions Index

Question 6: The pace of job growth reached 10-year highs in 2007.The Netherlands moved up from the 11th position in the ________ [38] to the 9th position in 2007
Corruption Perceptions IndexDemocracy IndexGlobal Competitiveness ReportPress Freedom Index

Question 7:
Which of the following is an officially recognised ethnic group in Netherlands?
65% mestizo,
96.77% Croats
92.6% Samoans, 7% Euronesians , 0.4% Europeans
80.9% Ethnic Dutch

Question 8: The Kingdom as such, continued the war from the colonial empire; the government in exile resided in ________.

Question 9: What does the following picture show?

  The Delta Works are located in the provinces of South Holland and Zeeland.
  William the Silent, leader of the Netherlands during the Dutch Revolt.
  Dutch Batavia built in what is now Jakarta, by Andries Beeckman c. 1656.
  The Netherlands introduced the euro in 1999. It is one of the 16 sovereign states that make up the Eurozone.

Question 10:
What type of government does Netherlands have?
Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy
Strong Mayor-Council

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