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Question 1: [8][9][10] The generic use of the term "netbook", however, began in 2007 when ________ unveiled the ASUS Eee PC.
Silicon ValleySamsung ElectronicsAsusHTC Corporation

Question 2: [38] They later revealed Psion's counter-suit against ________, filed on 27 February 2009.
Intel CorporationCisco SystemsNvidiaMicrosoft

Question 3: Some also include ethernet and/or modem ports, for broadband or ________, respectively.
Cable modemIntegrated Services Digital NetworkDial-up Internet accessBroadband Internet access

Question 4: ________) operating systems, wired and wireless networking functionality, antivirus protection, preactivated parental controls, and an educational software package.
GNULinuxSCO-Linux controversiesOpenSolaris

Question 5: [74] In May 2009 a contractor of Dell announced it is porting ________ to Android for Dell netbooks.
Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe Flash Media ServerAdobe Flash LiteAdobe Flex

Question 6: ________ is providing all 13 year old students (middle school, or gymnasium, freshmen) and their teachers with free netbooks in 2009[18] through the "Digital Classroom Initiative".

Question 7: "Light and Cheap, Netbooks Are Poised to Reshape PC Industry" article at ________
International Herald TribuneThe Boston GlobeThe New York TimesThe New York Times Company

Question 8: ________
Gigabyte M912HP Mini 2140OLPC XO-1HP 2133 Mini-Note PC

Question 9: In March 1997 Apple Computer introduced the eMate 300 as a subcompact laptop that was a cross between the ________ PDA and a conventional laptop computer.
PowerBookMacintoshMessagePadNewton (platform)

Question 10: Netbooks have been demonstrated running other operating systems including ________, OpenBSD, Darwin and Moblin.
FreeBSDNetBSDLinuxBerkeley Software Distribution


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