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Question 1: [15] Building and installing packages such as KDE, GNOME, the ________ or Perl is performed through the use of a system of makefiles.
Apache AntApache StrutsApache HarmonyApache HTTP Server

Question 2: He later founded a new project, ________, from a forked version of NetBSD 1.0 near the end of 1995.
UnixLinuxBerkeley Software DistributionOpenBSD

Question 3: The file system framework, including the VFS and major ________ were modified to be MP safe.
File Allocation TableOperating systemFile systemNTFS

Question 4: The ZFS filesystem developed by ________ was imported in to the NetBSD base system in 2009.
OpenJDKSun MicrosystemsJava (software platform)Java (programming language)

Question 5: NetBSD includes many enterprise features like iSCSI, a journaling filesystem, logical volume management and the ________ filesystem.
HFS PlusDarwin (operating system)Mac OS XZFS

Question 6: Although the Linux 2.6 kernel includes support for more processor architectures,[9] the NetBSD distribution supports more platforms than any single ________.
Linux adoptionLinux distributionLive USBDesktop Linux

Question 7: The operating system of the ________ LX 2009 smartphone is based on NetBSD.
BlackBerryDanger HiptopHTC WizardHTC Dream

Question 8: In 2005, as a demonstration of NetBSD's portability and suitability for embedded applications, Technologic Systems, a vendor of embedded systems hardware, designed and demonstrated a NetBSD-powered kitchen ________.
NichromeBreadToasterAlbert L. Marsh

Question 9: NetBSD is a freely available open source version of the Unix-derivative ________ (BSD) computer operating system.
MINIXLinuxOpenSolarisBerkeley Software Distribution

Question 10: This enables, for instance, a driver for a specific PCI card to work whether that card is in a PCI slot on an IA-32, Alpha, ________, SPARC, or other architecture with a PCI bus.
PowerPCPower ArchitecturePowerPC 7xxPowerPC G4

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