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Nestorius: Quiz


Question 1: The Emperor ________ (401-450) was eventually induced to convoke a general church council, sited at Ephesus, itself a special seat for the veneration of Mary, where the theotokos formula was popular.
Theodosius IIPulcheriaMarcianJustinian I

Question 2: In the following months, 17 ________ who supported Nestorius' doctrine were removed from their sees.

Question 3: Cyril took charge of the First Council of Ephesus in 431, opening debate before the long-overdue contingent of Eastern bishops from ________ arrived.
Alexander the GreatAthensAntiochCorinth

Question 4: Eusebius, the bishop of the neigbouring Dorylaeum was the first to accuse Nestorius of heresy but his most forceful opponent however was Patriarch ________.
Basil of CaesareaAthanasius of AlexandriaCyril of AlexandriaJohn Chrysostom

Question 5: On August 3, 435, ________ issued an imperial edict that exiled Nestorius to a monastery in the Great Oasis of Hibis (al-Khargah), in Egypt, securely within the diocese of Cyril.
MarcianJustinian ITheodosius IIPulcheria

Question 6: Shortly after his arrival in Constantinople, Nestorius became involved in the disputes of two theological factions, which differed in their ________.
ChristologyChristian theologyBiblical canonTrinity

Question 7: — includes an account of the exile and death of Nestorius, along with correspondence purportedly written by Nestorius to ________.
MarcianTheodosius IIPulcheriaJustinian I

Question 8: [2] He received his clerical training as a pupil of Theodore of Mopsuestia in ________ and gained a reputation for his sermons that led to his enthronement by Theodosius II as Archbishop following the death of Sisinnius I in 428.

Question 9: This book had suffered damage during ________ raids, but was substantially intact, and copies were taken secretly.


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