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Question 1: This and the widespread use of anticholinergic drugs as a protective treatment against any possible nerve gas attack, have been proposed as a possible cause of ________.
Gulf War syndromeChemical warfareDepleted uraniumUranium

Question 2: GB (________) was discovered next in 1939, followed by GD (soman) in 1944 and finally the more obscure GF (cyclosarin) in 1949.
VX (nerve agent)3-Quinuclidinyl benzilateSarinTabun (nerve agent)

Question 3: The Novichok (Russian for "newcomer") agents are a series of organophosphate compounds that were developed in the ________ from the 1970s to the 1990s.
Joseph StalinEastern BlocSoviet UnionEast Germany

Question 4: ISBN 0-02-904630-0, available for download in ________ (as it is out-of-print) see this link.
United KingdomCanadaBarbadosAustralia

Question 5: A number of pilot plants were built and a high-production facility was under construction (but was not finished) by the end of ________.
World War IICollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupations

Question 6: ________ and related anticholinergic drugs act as antidotes to nerve agent poisoning because they block acetylcholine receptors, but they are poisonous in their own right.
Muscarinic antagonistAtropineDicycloverineHyoscyamine

Question 7: In 1952, researchers in Porton Down, ________ invented the VX nerve agent, inspired by the commercial pesticide Amiton, later reclassified as VG.
WalesScotlandEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 8: Since World War II, Iraq's use of mustard gas against Iranian troops and Kurds (________ of 1981–1988) has been the only large-scale use of any chemical weapons.
Saddam HusseinGulf WarIran–Iraq WarPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–present

Question 9: As the victim continues to lose control of his or her bodily functions, he or she will involuntarily salivate, lacrimate, urinate, defecate and experience gastrointestinal pain and ________.
Abdominal painDiarrheaNauseaVomiting

Question 10: The essential nature of tabun and sarin had already been disclosed in the technical journals as far back as 1902 and I.G. had ________ both products in 1937 and 1938.
Patent applicationPatent infringementSoftware patentPatent


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