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Neptunium: Quiz


Question 1: This ________ is known as the neptunium series.
Long-lived fission productNuclear fission productDecay chainUranium-236

Question 2: It was the first transuranium element produced synthetically and the first ________ transuranium element discovered.
Noble gasActinoidHalogenMetal

Question 3: Silvery in appearance, neptunium metal is fairly chemically reactive and is found in at least three ________:[3]

Question 4: In 1992, the ________ declassified the statement that Np-237 "can be used for a nuclear explosive device".
Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy ReliabilityOffice of Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyUnited States Department of EnergyEnergy policy of the United States

Question 5: This element also has 4 ________, with the most stable being 236mNp (t½ 22.5 hours).
PlutoniumNuclear isomerHafniumTechnetium

Question 6: This element has four ionic ________ while in solution:
OxygenHydrogenOxidation stateOxide

Question 7: 237Np is irradiated with neutrons to create 238Pu, an ________ for radioisotope thermal generators for spacecraft and military applications.
Alpha particleAlpha decayElectronAtom

Question 8: By weight, neptunium-237 discharges are about 5 % as great as plutonium discharges and about 0.05 % of ________ discharges.
UraniumCuriumSpent nuclear fuelNuclear reprocessing

Question 9: Trace amounts of neptunium are found naturally as decay products from transmutation reactions in ________.
Ore genesisCarbonUranium miningUranium ore deposits

Question 10: Its most stable ________, 237Np, is a by-product of nuclear reactors and plutonium production and it can be used as a component in neutron detection equipment.
Stable nuclideAtomIsotopeTechnetium


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