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Question 1: In neurons, neprilysin is regulated by the protein nicastrin, a component of the gamma secretase complex that performs a necessary step in processing ________ to amyloid beta.
Alzheimer's diseaseAmyloid precursor proteinTransthyretinAmylin

Question 2: Associations have been observed between neprilysin expression and various types of ________; however, the relationship between neprilysin expression and carcinogenesis remains obscure.
CancerChemotherapyMetastasisDiet and cancer

Question 3: Neprilysin is also associated with other biochemical processes, and is particularly highly expressed in ________ and lung tissues.
Endocrine systemLiverUrinary systemKidney

Question 4: Synthesized as a membrane-bound protein, the neprilysin ectodomain is released into the extracellular domain after it has been transported from the ________ to the cell surface.
Cell (biology)Golgi apparatusCell nucleusEndoplasmic reticulum


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