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GnosticismAncient Egyptian religionPrehistoric religionSyncretism

Question 2:
Who of the following was a child of Nephthys?
Charlie and Gabriel
Patrick R. Hagerthy

Question 3: Nephthys was typically paired with her sister ________ in funerary rites because of their role as protectors of the mummy and the god Osiris and as the sister-wife of Set.
IsisEgyptian pantheonThothHathor

Question 4: As sister of ________ and especially Osiris, Nephthys is a protective goddess who symbolizes the death experience, just as Isis represented the (re-)birth experience.
ThothHathorIsisEgyptian pantheon

Question 5: In Egyptian mythology, Nephthys is the Greek form of an epithet (transliterated as Nebet-het, and Nebt-het, from ________).
Demotic (Egyptian)HieraticAncient EgyptEgyptian hieroglyphs

Question 6: Hapi, one of the ________, guarded the embalmed lungs.
AnubisBook of the DeadAncient Egyptian religionFour sons of Horus

Question 7: Less well understood than her sister ________, Nephthys was no less important in Egyptian Religion as confirmed by the work of E.
IsisOsirisEgyptian pantheonHathor


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