Nepali language: Quiz

Question 1:
What region does Nepali language belong to?
Carlton County
West Midlands
South Asia.
Northern Mindanao, and Davao Region

Question 2: Nepali is commonly written in the ________ script, as are Hindi and Sanskrit.
Gujarati scriptBrāhmī scriptDevanagariMalayalam script

Question 3:
Who of the following spoke at the Nepali language?
native - 44 million, total - approximately 78 million
approximately 42 up to 47 million
approximately 400
approximately 4,380,000

Question 4:

Question 5: Geographically, Nepali is the easternmost of the Pahari languages, a group of related languages spoken across the lower elevations of the Himalaya range, from eastern Nepal through the Indian states of Uttarakhand and ________.
Himachal PradeshWest BengalShimla districtShimla

Question 6: Historically, the language was first called Khaskura, then Gorkhali or Gurkhali (after the ________ ethnic group before the term Nepali became dominant.
Indian Army (1895–1947)Gurkha1 Gorkha RiflesIndian Army

Question 7: There is some record of using Takri script in the history of Nepali, especially in western Nepal, ________, and Himanchal.

Question 8: Nepali developed in proximity to a number of Tibeto-Burman languages, most notably ________, and shows Tibeto-Burman influences.
Nepal BhasaClassical Nepal BhasaSiddhidas MahajuShukraraj Shastri

Question 9: See also: Lhotshampa as Nepali is called in ________.
MalaysiaCambodiaUnited Arab EmiratesBhutan

Question 10: One notable extended family settled in Gorkha, a small principality about halfway between Pokhara and ________.

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